Eldahli is the spoken language of the Elves within the world of Ethas. Eldahli's written form can be found among the many Elven ruins that can be found within the southern countries of Ethas. The Dark Elves of Sarys and Parthus speak Eldahli as well. The Elves of Elswyn originally brought the language to them thousands of years ago, when the Dark Elves were first still a primitive race, and the Ashir'Kai were but simple nomads.

List of Eldahli WordsEdit

Aamehn (Ah-Mane) - Amen

Aelyn (Ay-Lynn) - Lake

Ahrynn (Ah-Ren) - Faith

Anllah (An-La) - Guide

Anlahth (Ann-LaTh) - North

Arlahn (Ar-Lawn) - Before, Past

Arlahth (Are-LaTH) - South

Arlehn (Are-Layn) - After

Arllah (Are-La) - Lead

Chehkah (Chey-Kaw) - Chicken

Dah (Da) - Of, For

Dahl (Dal) - Shall

Drah (Dr-Ah) - Stay

Dreh (Dr-Eh) - Go

Drehvah(s) (Dray-Vah) - Dragon

Ehnli (Ayn-Lee) - Bird

Eihen (I-En) - Forgive Eldahli (El-Dah-Lee) - Elven, Elves

Erveh'Lai (Er-Vay-Lie) - Elven Greeting

Ethlah (Eth-Law) - Center, Heart

Ethlehn (Eth-Lay-N) - Home

Ethlyn (Eth-Lynn) - Ethas

Kahs (Caws) - Curse/Insult (Verb)

Kahsta (Caw-Stuh) - Curse/Insult (Noun)

Kerlehen (Ker-Lay-In) - Lost, Lose

Krahs (Kraws) - Battle, War

Krehtah (Kray-Tah) - Betray, Traitor

Kreslyn (Kreh-s-Lynn) - Wasteland

Lehvydd (Lay-Veed) - Shelter

Lyn (Lynn) - Land

Masreh (Mahs-Ray) - Marshes

Neih (Ney) - No

Rehsah (Ray-Saw) - Reach

Rehs (Ray-c(e)) - Rise

Sahri (Saw-Ri) - Favor

Sarlahth (Sar-LaTh) - West

Senlahth (Sayn-LaTh) - East

Synleh (Sin-Lay) - Nature

Tehryn (Tay-Ren) - Trespass, Transgress, Fight

Traeh (Tri-Ey) - Bring

Traen (Trah-En) - Come

Trahs (Traws) - Arm, Weapon

Trehim (Trey-Em) - Path, Way

Trynleh (Tren-Lay) - Tree(s)

Tynahth (Ti-Nawth) - Knowledge

Vahma (Va-Mah) - Man

Vehma (Vey-Mah) - Lady

Vellehn (Veil-Layn) - Valley

Vha (Va) - Me, I

Vhei (Vay) - Plural, You, You All, They, Those, Our, We, etc.

Vhi (V) - You, You're

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